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Library Schedule
Open check out 7:30 -8:00 a.m. Daily
Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. -2:40 p.m.
Activity classes K- 4th grade

Sirkersia Middleton, Librarian
Library Rules
Return books on time.
Be quiet in the library.
If a book becomes lost or damaged, payment is required for the replacement of the book.
Treat the books with care and put them on the shelf correctly.
No eating, drinking, or chewing gum in the library.
Do not pull stickers or labels from the books.

Library Mission Statement
To support and inspire every little Trojan to become life long readers and learners. Encourage each student to become responsible researchers and ethical users in this technology driven society.
Accelerated Reader
What is Accelerated Reader?
Accelerated Reader (AR) is a program designed to encourage students to read. AR test students comprehension of books they have read.

When can my child take a test?
AR test can be taken at school. The library will be open for students testing in the mornings, during library check out time and in their classroom (with their teacher’s permission).

Visit to see if your book has a test for AR.